Our Services

Cancer Trials New Zealand offers a wide range of experience and expertise throughout the clinical trial and study process. We work collaboratively with investigators and our preference is to be involved with all aspects of the research project from working up the concept to publication of the results, so we offer the full service.

We specialise in investigator-initiated interventional and multi-centre studies, cohort and observational studies.

Our expert staff will assist with grant applications, protocol design, set-up and smooth running of the trial or study as well as database development, data collection, statistical analysis and publication.

We have robust processes in place to maintain regulatory and governance oversight at each stage, ensuring compliance with Good Clinical Practice plus legal and statutory requirements.

The Cancer Trials New Zealand full service comprises of the following:

  • Facilitation of collaborative linkages
  • Research Project Development
  • Research Project Set up
  • Research Project Conduct and Management
  • Research Project Analysis, Reporting and Close-down

We are also able to provide just a monitoring service, please contact us with your requirements.

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What to do next

If you have an idea for a clinical research project which you think Cancer Trials New Zealand could help with, in the first instance, please contact Katrina Sharples, Michael Jameson (Co-Directors) or Sarah Benge (Research Operations Manager) at cancertrialsnz@auckland.ac.nz.

Following this initial contact we will ask you to complete (as fully as possible) our Application for Clinical Project Support. This form is available below if you wish to start completing it sooner. It has been designed to help guide you through the thought processes of what you are thinking or planning.

Application for clinical project support

Timelines are currently individualised for each trial, but we aim to reply to your initial email within 10 working days, we will consider your proposal taking into consideration Cancer Trials New Zealand strategic priorities and capacity.