Full title: Profiling of Oncology Patients as part of Clinical care and Research
Cancer type: Gynaecological cancers, others
Status: In follow-up | No longer recruiting
Brief description:   Substantial progress has been made in the treatment of cancer through the use of targeted therapies, but what works for one might not work for another patient. Biomarkers are specific characteristics of the cancer that may provide information about which cancers are more or less aggressive and which will or will not respond to a specific treatment. The study will collect tumour samples from prior surgery and/or biopsies and analyse them to provide gene-based biomarker data specific to a patient’s cancer. This will help doctors identify which clinical trials or treatments may be appropriate for the patient in the future. The objectives of this feasibility study are: 1.      To demonstrate that patients with gynaecological cancers can be matched to therapeutic targets, approved therapies and clinical trials of investigational agents based on the molecular profile of their tumours. 2.      To demonstrate the feasibility and acceptability of therapeutic selection guided by molecular pre-screening of fresh tumours collected at the time of disease relapse. 3.      Establish a clinical database in conjunction with genomic data. 4.      To establish ethically approved policies and procedures for collection of archival and fresh samples from patients with recurrent gynaecological cancers.
Sites: Auckland
Lead Investigator: Dr Michelle Wilson
Contact: Sarah Benge (, tel: 09 923 3585)
Sponsor: University of Auckland
Funder: Li family grant
Trial Registry reference: NCT03158636 (click for more details)
Ethics number: 16/NTA/108
Publications: None currently