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Full title: Investigating Strategies to Improve Clinical Trial Opportunities in Oncology in New Zealand
Cancer type: Gynaecological cancers, other
Status: Closed
Brief description:


Substantial gains have been made in our understanding of the underlying pathogenesis of cancer but to date these have not been matched with improvements in cure. Cancer remains the leading cause of mortality in New Zealand and is likely to be the defining health issue for the next decade. Clinical trials are designed to improve patient outcomes with the ultimate global priority to reduce cancer related morbidity and mortality. Importantly, they offer access to new therapies and have been shown to impact patient outcomes. Despite the recognition of their importance, less than 5% of adult patients with cancer are involved in clinical trials.

Multiple barriers to enrolment in clinical trials have been recognised including patient, clinician and institutional factors. There is significant geographical heterogeneity with trial access and recruitment which extends beyond the developing and developed world. Costs with respect to time and resource have important ramifications. To improve trial enrolment it is critical to understand the barriers relevant to our patient population. This project is designed to investigate clinician, institution and importantly patient factors across New Zealand and develop strategies to help address them.

The objectives of this study are:

  1. Assess patient perspectives on clinical trials in oncology across New Zealand
  2. Evaluate barriers perceived by the clinician and institution to trial recruitment and access at a local and national level
  3. Determine the landscape of trials being performed in New Zealand over a 3 year period
  4. Form a working group to address these barriers at a local and national level
  5. Develop an educational programme for patients and families around clinical trials
Sites: Auckland
Lead Investigator: Dr Michelle Wilson
Contact: Sarah Benge (
Sponsor: University of Auckland
Funder: Goldman Sachs award
Trial Registry reference: Nil
Ethics number: 16/NTB/130
Publications: None currently