Full title: Younger Women’s Wellness Program After Breast Cancer – Feasibility Study
Cancer type: Breast
Status: 63 participants recruited  |  No longer recruiting |  Data cleaning and statistical analysis

Brief description:


Younger women (< 50 years) treated for cancer represent a growing population in New Zealand. While the treatment outcomes of this cohort have improved, they are at an increased risk of developing treatment-related chronic disease such as diabetes and obesity. The Younger Women’s Wellness after Cancer Program (YWWACP) is a whole-of-lifestyle intervention that enables younger women to self-manage their chronic disease risk. It promotes physical activity, optimal diet, smoking cessation, alcohol reduction, as well as strategies for sleep, stress, sexual wellbeing and menopausal symptom management based on the latest evidence.

Developed and piloted in Australia, the original YWWACP has been adapted to meet the expressed needs of Māori, Asian and NZ European women. We propose to test the revised YWWACP and trial design for feasibility in a representative sample of younger New Zealand women treated for breast cancer, prior to undertaking a national randomised controlled trial.

Objectives of this feasibility study are:

  1. The assess the potential to translate the intervention to a broader population base by examining:-
    •  The accessibility, acceptability and uptake of the intervention in a representative population of younger women with breast cancer in New Zealand, including Māori, Pacific and Asian women, women living with greater deprivation, and women living in non-metropolitan areas
    • The sustainability of, and adherence to, the intervention over time.

2.  The assess the potential for success of the main trial by examining:-

Participants’ perceptions of measurement burden

    • The effectiveness of the planned recruitment strategy
    • The prevalence components of the intervention in the control group
    • Intervention efficacy (i.e. reduced waist circumference and improved waist-hip ratio)
Sites: Wesley Choices Cancer Support Centre, Wesley Hospital, Brisbane, Australia
Lead Investigator: Dr Janine Porter-Steele
Contact: Twarita Dhorje (twarita.dhorje@auckland.ac.nz)
Sponsor: Wesley Choices Cancer Support Centre, Wesley Hospital, Brisbane, Australia
Funder: Wesley Medical Research Institute (Australia)
Trial Registry reference: ACTRN12621000447853
Ethics number: UnitingCare HREC 202103 (Australia)
Publications: Sharples K, Vear NK, Porter-Steele J, Anderson D, Moeke-Maxwell T, Laing BB, Young L, Bailey TG, Benge S, Huang Y, Crowley E, Day R, Cartwright R, Findlay M, Porter D, Kuper M, Campbell I, McCarthy AL. Protocol of trans-Tasman feasibility randomised controlled trial of the Younger Women’s Wellness After Breast Cancer (YWWACP) lifestyle intervention. Pilot and Feasibility Studies. 2022;8 Article number 165 https://doi.org/10.1186/s40814-022-01114-z