Full title: A randomised phase II study comparing Capecitabine with Capecitabine and oral Cyclophosphamide in patients with advanced breast cancer.
Cancer type: Breast
Status: Closed (82 participants recruited)

Brief description:


This trial is a phase II study which is comparing two chemotherapy treatments for advanced breast cancer – capecitabine and capecitabine with cyclophosphamide. Both drugs being used are taken by mouth, and are both already used to treat breast cancer, but they are not usually used together.

·        Auckland

·        Waikato

·        Palmerston North

·        Wellington

·        Nelson

·        Christchurch

·        Dunedin

Lead Investigator: Professor Vernon Harvey
Contact: Sarah Benge (s.benge@auckland.ac.nz)
Sponsor: University of Auckland
Funder: Roche
Trial Registry reference:

ACTRN12605000377639 (click for more details)

ISRCTN68662102 (click for more details)

Ethics number: AKY/04/02/001
Publications: Harvey, V. J., Sharples, K. J., Isaacs, R. J., Jameson, M. B., Jeffery, G. M., McLaren, B. R., Pollard, S., Riley, G. A., Simpson, A. B., Hinder, V.A. Scott, J.N., Dzhelali, M.V., Findlay, M. P. (2013). A randomized phase II study comparing capecitabine alone with capecitabine and oral cyclophosphamide in patients with advanced breast cancer – Cyclox II. Ann Oncol, 24 (7), 1828-1834. doi:10.1093/annonc/mdt065