Full title: A case-control study to detect predisposition to 5-FU toxicity using a thymine loading test and urine collection
Cancer type: Gastrointestinal and Breast
Status: Awaiting funding outcome
Brief description:


This study builds upon the first THYMINE Study. The primary objective is to assess the ability of the thymine loading test to prospectively categorise patients who cannot tolerate fluoropyrimidine treatment, in a wider patient cohort. Our second objective is to compare the thymine test to the predictive ability of a panel of known deleterious SNP in the DPYD gene. Thirdly we will look to at using freshly collected buccal mucosal cells to assess inter-individual differences in 5-FU transmembrane uptake, and determine if high uptake also associates with risk of 5-FU toxicity.
Sites: TBC
Lead Investigator: Associate Professor Nuala Helsby
Contact: Sarah Benge (s.benge@auckland.ac.nz)
Sponsor: TBC
Funder: TBC
ClinicalTrials.gov reference: TBC
Ethics number: TBC
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